Ole South Revival emerges from the backwoods of Southwest, Virginia to try and set themselves apart with a new sound of Southern rock influenced worship.

Ole South Revival is made up of Mark Overfelt lead vocals, Frank Overfelt drums and backup vocals, Brandon Neil lead guitar, Nathan Snead rhythm guitar and Brandon Hodges on bass guitar.

They are focusing on sharing Jesus through their music based on the everyday person, their battles and blessings.

Frank and his brother Mark having a history of traveling with a Southern Gospel Group, took their knowledge and returned to the music ministry in early 2009, forming the band Exonerated. They would spend the next several years traveling under this name. The early days would both be trying and rewarding at the same time, while teaching  them lessons along the way. "God has a way of shaping and molding us into what he wants us to be even when we don't understand it," stated by Frank Overfelt.

Touring as Ole South Revival was the answer to bringing a unified sound and message to the band. We wanted a name that would pay respect to our history as well as be associated with our sound.

We thank God for the opportunity to share with people of all walks of life and look forward to meeting you on the road


Frank Overfelt

Frank Overfelt Drums

Frank Overfelt 
My introduction to music began at a young age, watching my mom perform with many Southern Gospel Groups, and was lucky enough to get bit by the music bug.  At the age of 11, I grew more and more interested in music and started playing drums with our family band The Kingery's. I was saved under our ministry but never knew what  God was planing for me. We traveled up and down the east coast until retiring the group in the late 90's. I continued to play in local church praise team's but as time passed I felt a strong desire to dive back into the music ministry. I formed Exonerated in 2009  and I am totally blown away at how God has cultivated me in ways I never knew were possible.He has opened up my creativity and allows me to pen the words to music that expresses everyday struggles. I look forward to sharing this message with you through our music.
Mark Overfelt
Lead vocals

Mark Overfelt Lead vocals

Mark Overfelt





My life has always been filled with God and going to church ever since I was a small child. I remember trips on our bus traveling to singings with my family and all the great times we had. My mother, who was the biggest impact on my singing, started me young. She taught me how to not just stay on key but how to make the words come alive and to minister as you told the story of the song. I have always had a passion for music and singing and had the desire to bring others closer to God with the talent He has blessed me with. As time went on, my life began to change and I grew older, I knew that my calling was to continue doing what I was brought up doing — to keep singing and spreading His Word. 

In 2005, I thought that my life was going to change completely! In June of that year while playing softball, I had a major stroke that should have left me no longer able to walk or even speak again. I was sent home from the hospital that night with no idea what had happened. The following day I was awakened by my parents who were in a rush to get me back to the hospital — I had forgotten my name and had no recollection of what had happened. I spent the next 4 days in the hospital trying to remember who I was and get myself back. The doctor made the statement that I was a miracle because the stroke had stopped on it’s own, only a 1/2 of a millimeter from leaving me no longer be able to speak. I spent several months trying to make my brain work properly after this traumatic event. Twelve years later, I began having seizures as a side effect from the stroke. With God by my side again as my Great Physician and the love of my family and best friend, once again I went from a normal person to another miracle! I know that God has big plans for my life and has called me to sing and spread His word through song.  I also know that He will never allow anything to happen that He does not already have under His control. So when you feel down, or feel like the world is crashing around you, just remember that when those storms come into your life, God is the One that controls the storms and will show you that at the end His love and protection!  A beautiful ending is waiting for you!


God bless you all and remember— Nothing is too big for God to handle!


“As they sailed, he fell asleep. A squall came down on the lake, so that the boat was being swamped, and they were in great danger. The disciples went and woke him, saying, “Master, Master, we’re going to drown!” He got up and rebuked the wind and the raging waters; the storm subsided, and all was calm. “Where is your faith?” he asked his disciples. In fear and amazement they asked one another, “Who is this? He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him.””

Luke 8:23-25 NIV






Mark A. Overfelt 

Brandon Neil
Lead guitar

Brandon Neil Lead guitar

Brandon Neil
My music career started when I was 10 years old when I first started learning guitar.  I became better and better everyday and took lessons from several different teachers over the years until they couldn't teach me anything else.  I grew up playing Metallica, AC DC, Van Halen, etc, but my freshman year of high school I came to know Jesus.  I was saved at a WinterJam concert and ever since then I have been playing guitar for church.  I joined in 2013 and have been blessed with the opportunity to use my talent that God has blessed me with.  Everywhere I go people tell me how good of a guitar player I am, but it is only because God blessed me with the gift to play music and it's through him that I am able to lead others in worship through music.  

 Nathan Snead
 Rhythm guitar

Nathan Snead Rhythm guitar

Nathan Snead

I was born and raised in a little place called Troutville, Virginia. I was home schooled thru graduation and  I am currently studying at Virginia Western Community College in pursuit of an engineering degree. My wonderful parents made sure that I grew up in church and I came to except Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior at 8 years old and I was baptized 4 years later. Since then I have only continued to grow in the knowledge of God and seek His will for my life. The Lord has blessed me with musical abilities which I endeavor to use for His glory. I joined Exonerated in April of 2016, filling up the low end by playing Bass. I am an educated redneck and outdoorsman. My favorite past times include hiking, soccer, martial arts, and music. I am looking forward to being able to worship Jesus with you.